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Jummoo was a fixed value in the humorous supply of cultural centres and companies, with almost 1000 performances and 3 shows in 7 seasons. They are mentioned in the same breath as Fry&Laurie, De Frivole Framboos, Kommilfoo, Hans Liberg.
Renewed, well-rested, polished and, above all, full of enthusiasm, Jummoo is touring Flanders again, and as language isn’t an issue, they are paving the way to bring laughter to the rest of the world.
Familiar ingredients such as visual humor, musical playfulness, as well as a mix and confrontation of different styles, will certainly be addressed.“A show for the deaf and the blind” as they like to put it themselves…
Jummoo is Ron De Rauw and Frederik Caelen. Ron, singer and performer at heart, musically battles the unconventional accordionist and very talented pianist Frederik. The latter primarily thinks in “pictures that shine” while Ron just wants to make it “sound fine”
Réprise AEIOUY

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Jummoo succes in Zuid-Afrika!

"Belge kom maak maltrap-musiek"

Hul program sluit fisieke teater en sang in, asook musiek op klavier en trekklavier, met ’n aweregse vermenging van musiekstyle".

An article was also featured in “Die Burger”, find it  here.

The shows in Stellenbosch were a huge success! On to the next show!


In Jummoo’s creation ‘Aeiouy’ Frederik “focus”Caelen
is faces the ever hyperactive Ron, who races over
unknown paths with his vocal cords.
Visual humour and music are their fuel and gasoline,
guitar, accordion and piano their vehicles.The known
ingredients; visual humour, musical playfulness, mix
and confrontation of different styles will surely be
A whimsical show!
Jummoo à la carte!

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